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Susperia @ 70000 Tons Of Metal

We are very happy to inform you that SUSPERIA will be performing at this year’s 70000tons!

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Susperia @ Trondheim MetalFest

TMF 2015 poster

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SUSPERIA Confirmed for METALCROWD FEST Open Air (BELARUS) 17th.August and BLACKENED LIFE FEST (Russia) 16th.AugustMetalCrowd 2014 Belarus Blackened Festival Russland

New single “Standalone”

First single from our upcoming album, will be available as a free download for a limited period of time.

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Susperia @ Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2013

Susperia plays at this years Karmøygeddon metal festival in Haugesund, Norway

Susperia will be headlining Hard Anger Open Air Metal Festival 2012


…an area with a long history
going back to the days of cave dwellers and Vikings

A place,
that lookes and feels as if time has stood still between the steep mountains 

Here, on this ancient and sacred soil,
new history will be made 

From the time a metal-festival was held
which had no equal 

The era of

Hard Anger Open Air Metal Festival

Norwegian minitour 2012.

The tour has been a blast so far. Horns up to all our fanz who has shown up so far. Last gig to night, we are looking forward to see you there.

susperian regards the boyz

A metal state of mind – Review of the `We Are The Ones` album

The website – A Metal State Of Mind reviews the – We Are The Ones Album. Go to  for the whole review.

DEC 6. 2011 – plantera7

Norway’s Susperia is one of those bands you might not have heard of. They started creating music along the lines of black/thrash.  It’s an interesting blend to say the least.  The two original founding members (not together) were once part of Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon.  The rest of Susperia’s music is a bit thrash, symphonic, and a little death all wrapped up into an eclectic mix, however leaving the “black” mostly behind and moving over to more “power” metal.

Their latest album, We Are The Ones, is not a new studio album, but a collaboration of older works, orchestral versions of Susperia music, and two new songs.  One of the new songs, Nothing Remains, is currently in the running as Norway’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest.  I hope to see them rocking out Eurovision next year.  The contest needs some quality metal to balance out the pop from other parts of Europe.

The first five tracks off We Are The Ones is the most appealing to me.  You’re treated to two new songs and the three orchestral versions of Devil May Care, The Bitter Man, and Cut From Stone.  I am not impressed with the rest of the album for one reason and one reason only; the songs are remastered demo recordings.  Personally, I rarely like demos at all even from my favorite bands.  They tend to sound like they were recorded in a garage.  These demos were remastered so they have that going for them, but still nothing I am overly impressed with.  I like production and that is just a personal preference of mine; I don’t want to take that away if you appreciate demos.  If you are into demos, the last 5 tracks are polished demos from 1999 era Susperia.  You might find that enjoyable.  I would have been perfectly happy with the first 5 tracks and calling it an EP.

The orchestral versions are very well done.  I was a bit skeptical at first because Susperia added the orchestra parts to previously recorded music.  It makes me think of Metallica’s S & M which did have some gems, but overall I thought it was just ok.  Susperia’s orchestral recordings were created by Mustis (formerly) of Dimmu Borgir.

We Are The Ones is a nice addition to the Susperia catalog.  It’s enough to keep you waiting until they record new material for a full-length album.  The orchestration was added in such a way that makes it seem as though it was originally recorded with an orchestra.  As mentioned before, I am not a fan of demos, but that is a minor personal preference that shouldn’t play into whether or not you are thinking of buying this album. Since the demos are 1999-Susperia, they are more black metal and heavy than Susperia you hear today.  That could be something of interest to you.

This is one of the new songs, We Are The Ones, which also features orchestration.

Susperia in concert


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