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Imhotep video interviewing Susperia at Gran Canaria Dec.2008

SUSPERIA: December 2008 Video Interview Posted Online – July 7, 2009

Imhotep‘s Roy Kristensen conducted an interview with Athera, Cyrus and Memnock of Norwegian metallers SUSPERIA in December 2008. The chat has now been posted online and can be viewed in two parts below.

Athera (real name: Pål Mathiesen), vocalist with Norwegian SUSPERIA, rejoined his band on stage at the Steinkjer Festival in Norway on June 26. The singer, who earlier this year suffered a heart attack which resulted in major open heart surgery, has made a rapid recovery and doctors gave him the go-ahead to make his comeback.

Trønder-Avisa, a regional newspaper in Norway, has posted performance footage and an interview with Athera conducted at the Steinkjer Festival. Watch the Norwegian-language report at this location.

Athera recently gave his first interview since the heart attack to Belgium’s Metal Nose. Talking about his new perspective on life, he said, “I haven’t seen the light or anything but things are certainly different.
I would never ever dare to touch any kind of drugs anymore and I don’t understand now how people can pull smoke into their lungs and stuff like that,  even though I used to love it. I guess you must go through something like this to realize the dangers and insanity of some of the bad things in life.”

SUSPERIA enlisted Bernt Fjellestad from fellow Norwegian band GUARDIANS OF TIME to stand in for vocalist  Athera for the group’s recent U.K. tour.

SUSPERIA‘s fifth album, “Attitude”, was released on May 19 via Candlelight Records (one day earlier internationally). The  follow-up to 2007’s “Cut From Stone” was recorded in Norway and was mixed at Studio Fredman in Sweden. It features guest appearances by  Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT) and Shagrath (DIMMU BORGIR).

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